Tuesday, 30 January 2007


THERE were times in life when we unconsciously let loose our focus. We wander in the dark. We stumble and fall. Sometimes we even enjoy life. Look at our surrounding, especially those closest to us, and in my case, Nelly, Allyshandhra, Allysha and Alexshandhro Eebot. We will wake up. We will be there.... together

Wednesday, 24 January 2007


THE sun rises, the sun sets. Blowing, passing, coming as it pleases, the wind tender form can become a calamity. Sitting down, waiting for the last drop of rain to fall, memories of the past are our real treasures. No use crying for what we have missed. Be courageous to act on what we should do. And grow we will. It started with a humble beginning, a last minute decision to immortalise a family picture... may be


Life is full of hopes. We do our very best today. Sweat, blood and tears, we make the fullest of this moment. Then we sit back. And pray. Afterall, we can only do so much. But, in the younger generation, such as my little Alexshandhro Eebot Bingkasan, we trust. Am motivated to excel if only to ensure he, and the future, will be a brighter one. Bon voyage, dear little one!

Wednesday, 17 January 2007


Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow may never come. We have only today, the present moment. The road is long. The way is narrow. Let us do our very best today. Let us live as if this is our last day. Love God and do what you like. Together, we progress.


Mount Kinabalu, so I thought, was mysterious enough. Till I looked even higher. The sky and the sun. So far yet so near. My heart beats. Will there be peace on my land? Could I feel safe and be prosperous? Why can't I fly and see and make all things wonderful? HE is there somewhere. Then we have to find that light at the end of that tunnel....


When I look up, the mystery deepens. Am deeply rooted in my Kadazandusun tribe, a sub-ethnic in Malaysian in Sabah State (formerly North Borneo). I hope to reach for the sky, or at least where the peak of Mount Kinabalu touches the cloud. It is going to be a real struggle. Slow and steady. Success is the journey, not the destination.