Thursday, 15 February 2007


I KNOW ... am making a big deal of the snow, but, imagine a (kampung) village boy from KIONSOM in the midst of acres and acres of that white thing!! If only I had ideal milk, corn, sugar and the likes, I would have unlimited ABC or syrup or whatever.
It was also during that visit to Sweden that I realised, our head is made of 'really strong material' because it was freezing yet my no-hair-head (not bald) was not feeling the cold.... ha ha ha
Ice... ice ... ice ... snow... snow ... snow :-)

Wednesday, 14 February 2007


KAMPUNG Kionsom does not have snow. So when I went to Stockholm, Sweden early 2006, I was so thrilled. Yes, one of the first things I did was to scoop two handful of snow ... and (don't laugh) tasted it. A new experience. Another learning.
Yet, life is the same. Running for something better, a brighter tomorrow. As I stood still, on a frozen lake in Sigtuna, Sweden, this sunset reminded me of Kionsom ... and my family.


HE was such a genius. One of the few real 'pets' taught extremely well by my late mother. Under the watchful eyes of Papi, he grew to become one of the loves of the Bingkasan family.
He was never the same eversince my mother was called by the Lord in 2003. Three years later, in the middle of 2006, Gimbabo passed this world.
This might very well be the only photo of him (in his usual playful spirit leaning on a pillar) but he will always be remembered...

Tuesday, 13 February 2007


IN this era of globalisation, everything seems so up-to-date and new. Forget the past. Do away with whatever is old. This is our time.
May be, just may be, am not yet globalised enough.
Without them, I am naught. Away from the 'old', I cease to exist.
My beloved mother, Siarah Theresa Lontou (left), whom God took from us so suddenly in 2003, will forever be with me.
Am thankful and so very glad to still have my father, Gulabok Primus Bingkasan. Also their friends Gunau and his wife Gusinah.
Thank you so very much, 'old people'. God bless us through you....

Wednesday, 7 February 2007


A time to love, a time to laugh, a time to progress. June 3, 1995 - Holy Matrimony - between (you guess right) Albert Alex Gulabok Bingkasan and Nelly Henry James. Twelve years down the road, we are gifted with three wonderful children. We know, tomorrow will be an exciting adventure... but let us live our very best today.

Tuesday, 6 February 2007


SMILE because it is contagious. What you give is what you receive. Tompok, Willie, Clarice and Junaidy are on cloud nine (not the least due to the green cans) but should we all not be happy, at all time? We are alive, need we want more?... be happy


I know. Alexshandhro Eebot again (and my beloved wife). So I will not say much. But, in Eebot, I see Bingkasan. Whatever the future holds. Who knows what the tide will bring....


FEBRUARY 26, 2003 will always be fresh in my mind. It has been four years, yet the sadness and memories are so real... even now. I remember the flowers in this picture once added colours to our family house in Kg Kionsom. I saw these flowers at the foot of Mount Kinabalu earlier this year... and I remembered. I believe Siarah Theresa Lontou, our and my beloved mother, Tama, is blessed with God.... pray for us

Monday, 5 February 2007


Being Kadazandusuns, merrymaking is in our blood. Allysha, Allyshandhra, Tompok, Rasol, Vitalis... let it all out. May be we should all be more expressive. Love is not love unless we live it... all the time


Puppy, or Papi, has been with the Bingkasan family for like ages. The old fella had taught many younger pets, like one Gimbabo (his picture to appear soon enough here, though he had since leave us). Papi is still full of life. I am always touched by his welcoming gesture - he will 'bite' a slipper and offer it to me - everytime I reach home. Papi, people, nature ... we are all friends.


HE is matured. The other is learning. Life is full of twists. They may hold onto the same belief (or beer)... they have crossed path, they might even learned from each other. Only time will tell. He, Gulabok Primus Bingkasan, the other Alexshandhro Eebot Bingkasan. And how I love them both.... forever