Monday, 14 May 2007


WELL, there are times in life when simple things went unnoticed.
Things like basic courtesy - saying thank you, sorry, good morning, have a good day, how are you and the likes.
My family pet, Papi, is somewhat simple. He does what ordinary dog would do - wag the tail, bark, play around and what not.
But as I mentioned before, he is a true friend. Recently, I went back home to Kionsom and there he was...
His eyes telling me that he missed me, The tail and barks indicated enough that we still have that special relationship.
And, yes, that special skill of this old fellow.... biting the slipper and giving it to me... only one side but, as they said, its the thoughts that count.
Papi oh Papi... you are cool!!!


I KNOW. Am only human. That's why you all are wondering what had happened to me. Because I have not been updating my blog. So, you do visit my humble masterpiece (contradiction eehh). Kounsikou (that's thank you in my mother tongue language, Kadazandusun).
In the last few months, I have been following closely the political development in Ranau, Sabah, where Mount Kinabalu is. And most of the times, I will 'meditate' at the newly renovated Nabalu Lodge. The main attraction is off course the 24-hour natural air-conditioner. And the lodge is homey.
Still, there is no place like home.... and my home is somewhere in Putrajaya coz that's where my beloved family is. A family man, eh....
Am just human.... we should all be.