Wednesday, 27 June 2007


EVERY May, my community, the rumpun Pasokmomogun and specifically the Kadazandusun celebrates Tadau Kaamatan. It is a harvest festival. And one of the highlights is the beauty pageant (Unduk Ngadau) competition. The Unduk Ngadau winner will reign for a year. She symbolises Huminodun, who sacrificed herself for the sake of our community (so the legend said).
One of my nieces, Susanna (centre) was crowned Unduk Ngadau for the Sepanggar event, a regional-level pageant. She went on to represent our district at the UPKO (a Sabah State political party) State-level competition and emerged sixth out of 33 contestants.
I am sure she had learned a lot during those hectic and even chaotic three weeks when she took part in the programme. And thats where the 'blessings' are.
In whatever we do, we must have a goal. Sometimes we win, other times we are among the winners... thats life. I sincerely believe if we do our very best in whatever we do, we are already winners!
To Susanna and one and all, let us all be Unduk Ngadaus in our life... forever

Wednesday, 13 June 2007


LIFE is full of surprises. If you were to tell me, five years ago, that I will one day be working in Peninsular Malaysia, I would most probably have laughed and laughed my heart out.
Yet, here I am, hopping on the aeroplane once a week to go 'outstation' to Sabah because am now based in Putrajaya.
Again, my mind remembers the saying - we never know that the tides will bring.
Of course, I have to adjust to life at the other side of the ocean. Still learning how to cope, even after four years.
But one of the wonderful thing is to get the opportunity to learn and widen my horizon.
So whenever my relatives come over, I always find joy in offering them my Walai Sabah or Sabah house, a government quarters given to me in Putrajaya. Then later, I brag a bit, and bring them around, like to the twin towers and KL tower as well as buy them tickets to go on board trains - something that is not easily available in Sabah.
Will Sabah ever enjoy the rapid development like the ones at this side of the country? I wonder... and hope.