Monday, 17 December 2007


I JUST arrived in Putrajaya. Was supposed to come back from Sabah yesterday
but there was a change of programme.
This note is meant to inform you all that I am still alive and kicking.
Will have more updates later.
Till then, let us look at the whole,
rather than touching the trunk and said that's an elephant.
See ya!

Wednesday, 12 December 2007


c SOMPOTON. A wind music instrument
made up of bamboo and pumpkin.
As long as it makes sound. Of music.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007


Teenager Rayzam hurdles his way to a surprise gold

"KORAT, THAILAND: Sunday, 9 Dec 2007: HURDLER Rayzam Shah Wan Sofian (photo) got into the SEA Games squad only because 2005 champion Robani Hassan was injured.
But not content with seeking exposure, the teenager ran the race of his life to not only bag the men’s 110m hurdles gold medal but he also shattered the Games record.
The 19-year-old Sabahan (from Keningau) clocked 13.91 to better the previous record of 13.92 set by Thailand’s Suphan Wongsriphuck in Hanoi in 2003.
Suphan won the silver in 13.95 and another Malaysian, Mohd Faiz Mohd, took the bronze in 14.00. - The Star"

What can I say? Congrats Rayzam!
I would like to think of myself as a person who likes sports (read more here). The fact that I once was adjudged as the Gold winner of a Sabah Press Award for one of my reports years ago somewhat made me a sports addict (in the sense that I read sports reports much more that other news).
Keningau. I once stayed and studied in that district, in the Interior of Sabah.
Again, syabas (congrats) Rayzam!
He showed that Sabahans can reach for the sky.


"KUALA LUMPUR: The Dewan Rakyat passed the Constitution (Amendment) Bill with more than two-thirds majority, with the Opposition MPs boycotting.
The Bill seeks to extend the retirement age of Election Commission (EC) members from 65 to 66.
Since the amendment involves the Federal Constitution, a block voting was carried out after 16 opposition MPs, led by Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang, staged a walkout at about 3.15pm in protest against the Bill... (MORE)

I WAS in Parliament today. But not without uncertainties.
Usually, the trip from Putrajaya to Parliament which is about 40km will only take about 30 minutes. This morning, however, a few roads were closed supposedly because there were moves by NGOs to demonstrate. (Read about it here).
So the trip almost took me one and a half hour. A Prime Minister's Department sticker (a compulsory for workers at the department) on my windscreen helped cleared my way.
Later, there were heated debates about the bill. I saw and heard it all. First experience of wading through demonstrators and the passing of a bill!
Oh, what a day! But it enriched me somehow.

Monday, 10 December 2007


"Okay, let us get the facts straight. The Federation of Malaya did not exist prior to 31 August 1957. The independent Malay states were not united under one nation and, other than the Straits Settlements, were under the rule of their respective Sultans.
Malaya was formed as a Federation to unite the states under one nation rather than to ‘free’ the states. Independence was originally fixed for 17 August 1945 but unfortunately the Japanese surrendered two days before the proclamation of Merdeka.
Eventually, 12 years later, Merdeka was proclaimed but it was negotiated by the Malays, Chinese and Indians, not just by the Malays.
No one fought for Merdeka; we were forced to accept Merdeka by a bankrupt British government that could no longer afford to keep us. The Malays did not ‘protect’ themselves in Kampong Baru in 13 May 1969.
Finally, the SMSess said that PERKIDA and not HINDRAF is planning the gathering in Kampong Baru on 16 December 2007. And because of these SMSess the Bar Council cancelled its march today, worried that the march would be infiltrated by PERKIDA elements who might hijack the march to trigger race riots...MORE"

(Raja Petra Kamarudin in his blog Malaysia Today wrote the article above.)

Friday, 7 December 2007


I AM about to fly. Again.
But this time I am alone.
My boss changed his flight at the eleventh hour.
He is in business class. He got a seat.
I fly economy. Thus, not seat until much later.
Here I am in the MAS Golden Lounge.
Am excited coz in about three hours time, I will meet my family.
As I look around, I saw a variety of characters.
Somehow it dawns on me that some of these people are in their own world.
A great many look so free.
Not a few seem so trapped. Caged.
"Be all that you can be"
this slogan that I saw somewhere came to mind.
Then I saw the papers.
It is flooding in Johor.
Hugo Chavez failed in his Venezuela referendum.
A teenager wanted to be famous so he shot and killed more that ten people
then kill himself.
Bersih. Hindraf. Crosses in mission schools. Batu Buruk.
I don't know. I really don't know.
It is Advent now - a season we prepare for the birth of that special one.
No. Am not talking about Jose Mourinho. Who is he?
I want to break free.
Oh come oh come Messiah
take this cage away.....
(I saw this bird whistling joyfully recently. Even if her world is not that big!)

Thursday, 6 December 2007


cEEBOT: I WISH human can fly.
BUDDY: You mean like a bird? Yeah, that would be fun.
EEBOT: I have always been dreaming of flying in high speed, crossing the mountains, touching the young leaves of those tropical trees....
BUDDY: I could imagine flying just after the rain stops. The air is fresh, cold, clean... I think it will be like in heaven.
MINNIE: There you go again, the two of you. Thinking the impossible. Eebot, you fly every week. I thought you are tired of flying.
BUDDY: No, we are not talking about that flying. We are talking about us, human being flying, unaided by aeroplanes or helicopters or machines....
MINNIE: I know-lah. But flying is not one of our qualities. So why waste times dreaming or having wishful thinking about it?
EEBOT: Noted. In fact, sometimes I wish I could have you as my wife, Minnie.
MINNIE: What? Hey, I would rather be your best of friends then your wife, OK?
BUDDY: Ha ha ha... you and Minnie. Some couple you are!
EEBOT: Well, aren't our wife or husband our best friends?
MINNIE: Yes but I mean... Ah, whatever! I mean friends are very close to each other but not in that sense as a husband and wife.
BUDDY: What if I marry you, Minnie. I am single and so are you. We have been friends for ages. We can be happy ever after, you know.
MINNIE: Now, you want me to be your wife. Hey, I am very happy with us as we are now. We are friends, good friends. What more do we want?
EEBOT: I wish I can fly. But, I am very happy with my family. Minnie, you are one of my best friends. Buddy, you too but on a higher level compared with Minnie.
MINNIE: What do you mean? That I am lower than Buddy? But why? What does Buddy have that I don't have? I thought we are best friends, the three of us and that's it. Not lower or higher or what not. If that is the....
EEBOT: You want to fly?

(The picture was taken in the LIMA 2005. I did not go to the on-going Langkawi event this time.)


LIFE is about making choices
Decisions can be made individually or by a group
We will cross the bridge when we reach it
Me? Would like to think am already on the other side.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007


c I WAS in a plane on Monday.
It was an Airbus. Big. Stable. Comfortable.
To my left, a family of five were seated.
The father, mother and their three beautiful children, all below five years, I figured.
They seemed rather quiet.
The meal came. The mother and children ate. So did the father.
All were well. At one instance, the father took care of their youngest girl
while the wife finished off her dinner.
I was about to dose off
Then the father stood up, felt for the baggage compartment above
and searched for his bags.
It was quite an effort. I noticed.
Then it struck me like lighting!
He is blind
I felt myself wanting to stand up
I must help him. He needed assistance.
Some other passengers must have felt such urge, I reckoned.
Yet the wife looked calm. And the children.
He was there, just three seats away for about two hours
And I did not notice.
His white cane was at the pocket in front. I did not see.
I look. I did not see.
I hear. I did not listen.
I touch. I did not feel.
Too often. I miss the forest for a tree.
Sorry. If I take things for granted...
(I took the picture in Kundasang, Sabah near the increasingly famous Nabalu Lodge)


NO. I did not have a blog-block (as in mental block).
It was just that I brought my beloved family back to my home State Sabah.
I have a big family (my pretty wife, three daughters and a boy) so pardon me if I did not update this blog for ten days or so.
Also (and this is the main reason) I do not have Internet connection where I stay.
I hope to change that soon.
Will write about it once I get it.
Am now back in Putrajaya thus this update.
Till my next postings,
Let us make a difference in this life.
See you soon!