Thursday, 17 February 2011


MINNIE: Did I hear you right, Buddy? That you are really exhausted and ready to walk out of your job?
BUDDY: Yes, your hearing my friend is still good. That's what I have been saying since our first cup of coffee. Why? You seem surprised?
MINNIE: Thanks for complimenting my ears. I have an even better heart, you know. But, really, why such drastic decision? I saw you being a happy person all these while, that you enjoyed your work and that the salary and all are more than satisfactory. Why?
BUDDY: It is a long story. Or rather, the reasons had been accumulating for a long time. Its time for me to move on. It is something like what Eebot is thinking.
EEBOT: Hahaha. Why drag me in, my friend? But seriously Minnie, for me, how we go through life and what we want to do in life is pretty much our own personal choice. If Buddy wants to quit, then, he has every right to quit.
MINNIE: That I accept fully Eebot. But, am just curious why would Buddy, or anybody for that matter, will want to quit from a very good job?
Eebot: May be because Buddy has found a better job?
MINNIE: A better job at his age? No lah.
BUDDY: Wow, you are doubting me Minnie?
MINNIE: I know you well, my friend. And what I am seeing now kind of worries me. Why change? Or rather why fix something that is not broken?
EEBOT: Change we must, but, for the better. And better can be qualified or quantified in more than one way.
MINNIE: I know it is Buddy's choice,his life, his decision. But being a friend, my point is, we should all at least try to ensure our friends' life is better.
BUDDY: Thank you Minnie. Thank you Eebot. Points noted.
EEBOT: I remember reading somewhere:
Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by every moment that takes your breath away. Come, lets drink our coffee.....