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THE 13th UPKO Triennial Conference was held 23-25 Sept 2011 at the Pusat Kebudayaan Sabah, Penampang, officiated by the Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.
Various topics were discussed. I took part in debating the President's speech. Was the No Six. And I thought I just spoke for a couple of minutes when the Permanent Speaker Datuk Herman Tiongsoh reminded me that I had only a minute left of the 10minutes allocated time...
And, well, Borneo Post deemed it worth publishing. Tqvm Nancy.
The picture - its not of the congress - but a picture (from right) of Pancratius Edward Pudin the Press Secretary, Frederick Mosom the Principal Private Secretary and myself. 
Upko is here to stay.....



PENAMPANG, 25 SEPT 2011: The call that the Government to set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry on illegal immigrants set the tone of United Pasokmomogun KadazanDusun Murut Organization’s (UPKO) 13th triennial delegates conference here yesterday.
From party President Tan Sri Bernard Dompok to the delegates, they all share same opinion that only a Royal Commission of Inquiry can resolve the perennial problem which is the bane of Sabahans.
Dompok, in his policy speech, stressed that it will take nothing less than a Royal Commission of Inquiry to resolve the problem and this was echoed by most of the delegates who took part in the debate on the president’s speech.
Deputy Upko Youth Chief Masiung Banah went as far as requesting that the federal Government be given a deadline in the setting up of the Royal Commission of Inquiry because the country’s sovereignty must not be compromised.
“The country’s leaders must not compromise on the issue of security,” he said and also urged UPKO leadership to consider recommending a leader from the Youth movement for a Senatorship.
Putatan Youth Chief Mark Silak when debating Dompok’s speech pointed out that the people in Sabah are tired of debating the illegal immigrant issue.
The people feel that the Government, especially the Federal Government, is not sincere in its efforts to resolve the illegal immigrant issue which has been described as the ‘mother of all problems’
Mark added, “will Barisan Nasional (BN) still be able to garner the people’s support in the coming 13 general election as its failure to resolve the illegal immigrants problem is causing Sabahans to hate the Government?
“Will UPKO be sacrificed in the coming election because of the rakyat’s hatred?” he questioned.
Some of the delegates who participated in the debate also touched on what Dompok has said in his speech about his commitment to the party and members.
“That is why today, I gave the commitment to pursue all the outstanding issues which I mentioned today. As President of this party I feel it is incumbent upon me to take full responsibility when the voices of the people and the party members are not heard. That is the measure of my commitment to our cause,” he had said.
Upko Sepanggar’s representative, Albert Bingkasan was of the opinion that Dompok’s statement was very personal and it reflects the latter’s loyalty to the party.
“How personal can you get… also UPKO Deputy President Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred Bumburing recently said that there is no questioning his loyalty to the party. The statements of UPKO’s top two leaders gives the impression that they are alone.
“We must not let them feel that they are alone so I urge all of you my fellow members to think what you can do and contribute to the party,” he said.
Albert also reminded the members that they should not always expect something in return for doing things for the party.
“Please start contributing, no matter how small, to the party as a little goes a long way,” he said.
Albert also spoke about the then Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohamed’s commitment made some years ago, that in the true spirit of the Barisan Nasional coalition, Umno will not contest in more than 50 per cent of the number of seats in any General Election.
In view of what Mahathir said, Albert requested that the BN leadership consider giving the opposition held seats to component party other than Umno.
“If asking for a review of the seats allocation is too difficult to comply with, then we have the right to fight for so that the SAPP held seats is allocated to a party other than Umno in the coming general election,” he said. THE BORNEO POST


Yang Amat Berhormat Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, Timbalan Perdana Menteri merangkap Timbalan Pengerusi Barisan Nasional (dan Yang Amat Berbahagia Puan Sri);
Yang Amat Berhormat Datuk Seri Haji Musa Haji Aman, Ketua Menteri Sabah merangkap Pengerusi Barisan Nasional Sabah (dan YABhg Datin Sri);
Yang Berhormat Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred Mojilip Bumburing, Timbalan Presiden Upko dan Datin Seri;
Ahli-Ahli Molohingon Upko, Ahli-Ahli Majlis Tertinggi Upko, Pergerakan Wanita, Pemuda dan Komulakan Upko;
Semua pemimpin parti komponen Barisan Nasional;
Dif dif jemputan, tuan-tuan dan puan-puan sidang hadirin sekalian.
Selamat pagi, tabi pisompuruan, salam 1Malaysia.
  1. It is my pleasure, on behalf of UPKO, to welcome Yang Amat Berhormat Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, Timbalan Perdana Menteri merangkap Timbalan Pengerusi Barisan Nasional, to our 13th congress.
Saya bagi pihak Upko, dengan segala sukacitanya mengucapkan selamat datang kepada Yang Amat Berhormat Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, Timbalan Perdana Menteri merangkap Timbalan Pengerusi Barisan Nasional dan sidang hadirin ke kongres ke-13 kami ini.
  1. This is the first time for YAB to be with us and I wish to thank you for the honour of having you in our midst and we look forward to the words of inspiration and wisdom that you may want to leave behind for us today.
Ini adalah kehadiran pertama Yang Amat Berhormat Tan Sri bersama kami. Terima kasih kerana sudi meluangkan masa untuk Upko. Kami menanti-nantikan kata-kata hikmah dan bijaksana daripada Yang Amat Berhormat Tan Sri.
  1. YAB Tan Sri, we are holding this congress at a time when there is excitement abuzz at the recent announcement on the eve, of Malaysia Day, by the Prime Minister on the repeal of the Internal Security Act and a few other ordinances under the Emergency Ordinance.
Yang Amat Berhormat Tan Sri, kami menganjurkan kongres ini ketika wujud keterujaan kerana pengumuman oleh Perdana Menteri sehari sebelum Hari Malaysia mengenai pemansuhan Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri dan beberapa ordinan dibawah Ordinan Kecemasan.
  1. This is of course a follow through of the present government’ measures in transforming Malaysia. We have already dealt with the Government Transformation Programme and the Economic Transformation Programme and Malaysians generally know the seriousness with which the government has attended to the issues which have hampered our march to join the international world community as a fully developed country.
Sebenarnya, pengumuman itu adalah tindakan susulan kepada usaha transformasi Malaysia yang dilaksanakan oleh kerajaan. Kita sudahpun mengadakan Program Transformasi Kerajaan dan Program Tranformasi Ekonomi. Rakyat Malaysia pada umumnya tahu betapa seriusnya kerajaan dalam menangani isu-isu yang telah menghambat perjalanan kita untuk menyertai komuniti dunia antarabangsa menjadi Negara maju.
  1. This is the political transformation programme and the government needs to muster all the political will at its disposal knowing fully well that we have quite a wide variety of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and interest groups who will not shy away from contributing their two cents worth. It is not for nothing that we have been acknowledged by some as the blogging capital of the world!
Ini adalah program transformasi politik dan kerajaan perlu menggarap seluruh political will memandangkan kita mempunyai pelbagai badan berkanun bukan kerajaan serta kumpulan berkepentingan yang tidak akan mahu terlepas daripada memberikan sumbangan dua sen mereka. Tidak hairanlah mengapa kita diwar-warkan sebagai ibukota blogging di dunia!
  1. It is our hope that the latest announcement by the Prime Minister will be implemented fully and expeditiously and without having to contend with individuals or interest groups who  have a world view that is not only at variance with those of us who want a truly Malaysian nation but may even cause regression in the country.
Kita berharap pengumuman terbaru oleh Perdana Menteri itu akan dilaksanakan sepenuhnya dan secepatnya. Janganlah mengendahkan para individu atau kumpulan berkepentingan yang mempunyai pandangan dunia yang bukan sahaja berbeza daripada pandangan kita yang mahu sebuah Negara Malaysia sejati, tetapi mungkin juga mengakibatkan kemunduran Negara.
  1. Party members may well remember how I reminded you that we have in the present Prime Minister an able leader who has at the outset of his Prime-ministership captured the imaginations of a nation with the many initiatives he presented to the country. But our concern then was: would the NGOs and every single one of the Barisan Nasinoal component parties fully support him in carrying out his plans?
Mungkin masih segar dalam ingatan semua ahli Upko bagaimana saya memperingatkan anda semua bahawa Perdana Menteri kita kini ialah seorang pemimpin berwibawa, yang awal-awal lagi  telah menggemparkan seluruh Negara dengan pelbagai inistiatif. Tetapi, kebimbangan kita ialah: apakah badan-badan berkanun bukan kerajaan dan setiap parti komponen Barisan Nasional menyokong penuh pelaksanaannya?
  1. Indeed our concern has not been without basis looking now at the public utterances by the zealots when the Federal High Court delivered its verdict on the authority’s ban of the usage of the word Allah by Herald, a Catholic publication. They were supported and abetted by some partisan national dailies which in this country are mainly connected to political parties. Sesungguhnya, kebimbangan kita bukanlah tidak berasas. Malah sudah terbukti melalui kata-kata mereka selepas Mahkamah Tinggi Persekutuan membuat keputusan terhadap kes tegahan oleh pihak berkuasa akan penggunaan istilah Allah oleh Herald, sebuah penerbitan Katolik. Mereka ini pula didorong dan disokong oleh suratkhabar harian kebangsaan yang ada hubungan dengan parti-parti politik.
  1. So today we want to say in no uncertain terms that we join the Deputy Prime Minister in supporting the Prime Minister in repealing the Internal Security Act.
Justeru, pada hari ini, kita dengan sebulat suara berdiri teguh bersama Timbalan Perdana Menteri, menyokong penuh tindakan Perdana Menteri memansuhkan Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri.
  1. At the same time we must make it also absolutely clear that any consequential legislation must not water down the effort of the Prime Minister and that talks of merely a rebranding exercise must never be given any credence.
Pada masa yang sama, kita juga harus memastikan apapun juga undang-undang yang menyusul nanti mestilah tidak meremehkan usaha Perdana Menteri, sekaligus menolak dakwaan bahawa ia hanyalah penjenamaan baru bagi peraturan yang sama.
  1. Let the new legislations go through a Parliamentary Select Committee where all views can be heard in the formulation of the act. In short Upko calls for safeguards that the present initiatives by the government would not be hijacked.
Biarlah undang-undang baru itu digubal melalui Jawatankuasa Pilihan Parlimen dimana kesemua pandangan diambil kira. Dalam kata lain, Upko mengesorkan agar inisiatif kerajaan ini dilindungi agar tidak diculik oleh sesiapa pun.
  1. Ladies and gentlemen, It is well to heed the wisdom, and I say that these are real pearls of wisdom from the former Prime Minister of Malaysia as he speaks from the real proverbial hindsight of a Prime Minister who has gone through the challenges of trying to initiate something only to find himself undermined from within and outside the government.
Hadirin sekalian, Mari belajar daripada kata-kata hikmah mantan  Perdana Menteri Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Beliau bercakap dari pengalaman sebagai seorang Perdana Menteri yang telah melalui cabaran ketika cuba memulakan sesuatu tetapi dihalang oleh orang-orang dari dalam dan luar kerajaan.
  1. He had to this to say: “Saya harap tidak aka nada mereka menentang dalam senyap, seperti gunting dalam lipatan, kerana dasar yang beliau (Perdana Menteri) ingin wujudkan dengan pemansuhan ISA akan membawa manfaat kepada rakyat dan Negara pada jangka masa panjang.”
Beliau berkata: “Saya harap tidak akan ada diantara mereka menentang dalam senyap, seperti gunting dalam lipatan, kerana dasar yang beliau (Perdana Menteri) ingin wujudkan dengan pemansuhan ISA akan membawa manfaat kepada rakyat dan Negara pada jangka masa panjang.”
  1. I was one of nine ministers who signed a Memorandum to Tun Abdullah on the need to address issues related to marriage and religion. It was presented to him at the end of a cabinet meeting and was subsequently recorded as having been presented to Government.
Saya merupakan salah seorang daripada sembilan menteri  yang menandatangani memorandum kepada Tun Abdullah mengenai isu-isu perkahwinan serta agama. Memorandum itu diberikan kepada beliau dipenghujung Mesyuarat Jemaah Menteri dan telah direkodkan sebagai sesuatu yang telah disampaikan kepada kerajaan.
  1. Very soon the contents were splashed in the front page of the New Straits Times and just as soon the signatories were summoned to the Prime Minister’s office where they were told to withdraw the Memorandum.
Dalam sekelip mata, isi kandungannya telah diterbitkan di muka hadapan akhbar New Straits Times. Tidak lama kemudian, semua yang menandatanganinya telah dipanggil ke pejabat Perdana Menteri dan diarah untuk menarik balik Memorandum itu.
  1. I could not attend the meeting with the Prime Minister but I informed the Cabinet colleague who called to inform me of the meeting that I could not agree to the withdrawal as the points presented were valid and there was nothing wrong in presenting them for consideration.
Saya tidak dapat hadir ke perjumpaan dengan Perdana Menteri itu, tetapi saya memberitahu menteri yang menghubungi saya bahawa saya tidak bersetuju menarik balik tandatangan saya kerana perkara yang kami sampaikan itu berasas, dan bahawa sesungguhnya, tidak ada salahnya memohon agar ia dipertimbangkan.
  1. I found it very disappointing that proposals sent in the form of a memorandum could meet with such strong objections. Indeed I was left to think that it was perhaps not so much the contents that generated such immense and almost violent objections, but more at the ‘temerity’ of a group of ministers for presenting the memorandum. Obviously there were people from withing and outside government who were not happy with the Ministers’ initiatives.
Saya merasa sangat kecewa kerana cadangan yang disampaikan dalam bentuk memorandum itu menerima tentangan yang begitu hebat. Terlintas difikiran saya bahawa tentangan hebat dan ganas itu bukanlah kerana intipati memorandum semata-mata, tetapi lebih kerana sekumpulan menteri berani menyampaikannya. Jelas ada orang-orang didalam dan diluar kerajaan yang tidak gembira dengan inisiatif para menteri.
  1. Upko members I am sure will want the Prime Minister and the Government to remain steadfast in the execution of this new initiative and to heed the advice and observations of his predecessors in office. We cannot go wrong. Both former Prime Ministers are in support and this unison does not happen very often!!
Saya percaya ahli-ahli Upko mahu Perdana Menteri dan Kerajaan berdiri teguh melaksanakan inisiatif baru ini, serta mendengar nasihat dan pemerhatian mantan Perdana Menteri yang terdahulu. Kita tidak mungkin salah. Kedua-dua mantan Perdana Menteri telah memberikan sokongan. Dan persetujuan seperti itu bukanlah sesuatu yang kerap berlaku!!
  1. Party members know that the leadership of this party has not been idle in pursuing the wishes of the members as articulated during debates in our conventions and congresses. 
Ahli Upko tahu, kepimpinan tertinggi parti ini tidak pernah lalai daripada memikul tanggungjawab perjuangan sesuai dengan kehendak ahli-ahli seperti yang diutarakan dalam semua konvensyen dan kongres kami.
  1. We have asked, for example, for the Kadazandusun language to be taught in school and it is now a subject for the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia examination. The language is also now offered as a minor in degree courses at the Universiti Pendidikan  Sultan Idris (UPSI), Perak and in Sabah there is preparation for the language to be taken as a specialisation subject so that there will be sufficient teachers  to teach the subject in school.
Kita telah meminta, contohnya, agar Bahasa Kadazandusun diajarkan di sekolah dan kini ia adalah matapelajaran untuk peperikaan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia. Bahasa ini juga ditawarkan sebagai minor dalam kursus ijazah di Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris di Perak. Manakala di Sabah persediaan sedang dilakukan agar bahasa ini diambil sebagai matapelajaran ikhtisas  supaya kelak akan ada  tenaga pengajar yang cukup.
  1. There is still much to be done but I must thank the Ministry of Education for the keen interest shown in this Borneon language. Indeed the officers involved in the language have had discussions with me and I am glad that they have been very cooperative. Upko will never rest until this mother tongue of ours is taught on par with other languages in our institutions of higher learning.
Masih banyak yang perlu dilakukan, tetapi saya mesti berterima kasih kepada Kementerian Pelajaran kerana minat mendalam yang ditunjukkan terhadap bahasa Borneo ini. Sesungguhnya, para pegawai yang terlibat telah mengadakan beberapa perbincangan dengan saya, dan saya gembira kerana mereka memberikan kerjasama yang sangat baik. Upko tidak akan berhenti berjuang selagi bahasa ibunda kita ini diajarkan sama taraf dengan bahasa lain di institusi-institusi pengajian tinggi.
  1. Ladies and gentlemen, Through the Cabinet Committee on Sabah and Sarawak Bumiputras and in the Cabinet itself, the Government has examined the proposals by the Confederation of Mission Schools. I have personally chaired a meeting of the Confederation and officials from the Ministry of Education and I am happy that there has been some very positive outcome.
Sidang hadirin sekalian, Melalui Jawatankuasa Kabinet mengenai Bumiputera Sabah dan Sarawak, serta Mesyuarat Jemaah Menteri, kerajaan telah mengkaji cadangan-cadangan oleh Persekutuan Sekolah-Sekolah Mubaligh. Saya secara peribadi telah mempengerusikan satu mesyuarat Persekutuan ini dengan para pegawai daripada Kementerian Pelajaran dan saya gembira kerana sudah ada hasil yang sangat positif.
  1. The subject of Bible Knowledge is one of the subjects which can be offered at the SPM examinations. Circulars have been issued to the effect that government schools can be used for the teaching of the subject outside normal school hours.
Matapelajaran Bible Knowledge adalah antara subjek yang ditawarkan di peperiksaan SPM. Surat Pekeliling telah dikeluarkan yang menggariskan bahawa sekolah kerajaan boleh digunakan untuk pengajaran matapelajaran ini diluar masa pembelajaran biasa.
  1. Mission Schools Boards are given a quota of 10 percent of student intake where the Boards can have discretion on the choice of the students to be enrolled to Year One or Form One to mission schools under their jurisdiction.
Lembaga Sekolah Mubaligh telah diberikan kuota sebanyak 10 peratus yakni bilangan murid yang mereka boleh pilih dan ambil untuk dimasukan ke Tahun Satu atau Tingkatan Satu di sekolah mubaligh dibawah bidang kuasa mereka.
  1. I am also delighted to note that the setting up of non-Muslim association in government and government aided schools now need only the approval from the headmaster or principal.
Saya juga gembira melihat pekeliling yang menyatakan penubuhan pertubuhan bukan Islam di sekolah kerajaan dan sekolah bantuan kerajaan kini hanya memerlukan kelulusan daripada guru besar atau pengetua sekolah.
  1.  These are some of the issues which have been brought to us by concerned individuals and organisations, not just the bumiputra minorities of Malaysia but also Malaysians of all ethnicities.
Semua ini adalah sebahagian daripada isu-isu yang disampaikan kepada kami oleh individu serta organisasi tertentu, yang mewakili bukan sahaja bumiputera minoriti Malaysia tetapi masyarakat Malaysia daripada pelbagai suku kaum.
  1. Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to say something about the plight of the Orang Asli in Semenanjung Malaysia. Lately they have articulated for a better way of addressing their issues and I do sympathise with them.
Sidang hadirin sekalian, Saya mohon menyatakan sesuatu mengenai masalah yang dihadapi oleh Orang Asli di Semenanjung Malaysia. Sejak akhir-akhir ini, mereka mahu cara yang lebih baik untuk menangani isu-isu mereka. Saya cukup simpati dengan mereka.
  1. They have almost the same issues as the orang asal of Sabah and Sarawak and I can therefore understand why some of them have chosen to be with us in UPKO.
Mereka mempunyai isu-isu yang hampir sama dengan isu Anak Negeri Sabah dan Sarawak, dan oleh sebab itu, saya faham mengapa sebahagian daripada mereka telah memilih untuk menyertai kami dalam Upko.
  1. There is a request from them for the Orang Asli department to be dismantled and that they be involved more in their affairs. They have asked for more participation in the formulation of land policies for example.
Mereka mahu jabatan Orang Asli dibubarkan, dan agar mereka diberikan peluang untuk lebih terlibat dalam hal ehwal mereka sendiri. Mereka mahu penglibatan yang lebih baik, contohnya, dalam penggubalan polisi tanah.
  1. While the government has done something through the Orang Asli Department, perhaps we are measuring the achievements through our own value judgments. If they are not happy it is not wrong for us to take another look at the way the Orang Asli issues are addressed.
Walaupun kerajaan telah melakukan beberapa perkara melalui Jabatan Orang Asli, mungkin kita telah mengukur pencapaiannya menggunakan sukatan nilai kita sendiri. Seandainya Orang Asli tidak puas hati, tidak salah kalau kita melihat kembali cara kita menangani apapun juga isu-isu yang melibatkan mereka.
  1. I have to inform members that there are still many issues which we have articulated which are still in the back burner. There are some in which decision has been arrived at but there are hitches in the implementation. Saya mesti memberitahu semua ahli bahawa masih banyak isu yang telah kita utarakan tetapi masih belum menerima apa-apa tindakan. Ada juga yang sudahpun diputuskan tetapi terdapat masalah dalam pelaksanaannya.
  1. One of them is related to the oil and gas industry in Sabah. All of you I am sure would recall that soon after the 2008 elections the then Prime Minister came to Sabah and Sarawak to find for himself what the real problems and issues were as there has been a deluge of criticisms from even members of Parliament of the BN component parties. He discussed with the component party leaders what issues they wanted addressed.
Salah satu daripadanya ialah industri gas dan minyak di Sabah. Saya percaya anda semua masih ingat bahawa sejurus selepas pilihanraya umum 2008, Perdana Menteri ketika itu telah datang ke Sabah dan Sarawak untuk mengetahui sendiri masalah dan isu-isu sebenar kerana terdapat begitu banyak kritikan termasuk daripada Ahli Parlimen komponen parti BN sendiri. Beliau berbincang dengan para pemimpin komponen parti apakah isu-isu yang mereka mahu beliau tangani.
  1. UPKO was represented in the meeting by the Deputy President, Secretary General and myself. We discussed with Prime minister a wide range of issues which could be a speech it itself. But a lot of fruitful exchange of views took place.
Setiausaha Agung, Timbalan Presiden dan saya sendiri telah mewakili Upko. Kami berbincang dengan panjang lebar bersama  Perdana Menteri mengenai isu yang skopnya sangat luas dan banyak pertukaran pendapat yang baik berlaku.
  1. One of our suggestions was on the proposed pipeline by Petronas from Kimanis to Bintulu in Sarawak should not be constructed but instead reroute the pipeline to the East Coast of Sabah to supply fuel for power generation as the State government had rejected the proposal to build a coal fired power generation plant. I followed this up in subsequent cabinet meetings.
Salah satu cadangan kami ialah agar pembinaan paip gas oleh Petronas dari Kimanis ke Bintulu, Sarawak tidak dilaksanakan, sebaliknya ditukar arah ke Pantai Timur Sabah untuk membekalkan gas bagi menjana kuasa kerana Kerajaan Negeri telah menolak rancangan untuk membina kilang arang batu disana. Saya kemudiannya mengangkat perkara ini dibeberapa mesyuarat kabinet.
  1. On the 31st May 2008, the then Prime Minister announced the cancellation of the pipeline project and so I thought the voices of Sabah has been heard on this particular matter.
Pada 31 Mei 2008, Perdana Menteri ketika itu mengumumkan pembatalan projek paip gas itu. Saya fikir ketika itu suara Sabah telah  diendahkan dalam hal ini.
  1. Little did I know that Petronas was just as determined to proceed and I protested in cabinet in successive meetings until finally the cabinet decided unequivocally that in settlement, the pipeline would continue but no gas will flow down the pipeline if Sabah’s industries need it.
Rupa-rupanya, Petronas pun bermati-matian mahu meneruskan projek itu.  Saya memprotes hal itu dalam beberapa mesyuarat kabinet dan akhirnya, kabinet sebulat suara bersetuju dengan penyelesaian, yakni, pembinaan gas paip akan diteruskan tetapi tiada gas akan disalurkan sekiranya industri di Sabah memerlukannya.
  1.  I asked for a guarantee that the decision would not again be overturned and Cabinet agreed that a letter of commitment will be issued to the State Government of Sabah.
Saya meminta jaminan supaya keputusan itu tidak lagi diengkari, dan Kabinet bersetuju agar surat komitmen diberikan kepada Kerajaan Negeri Sabah.
  1. I have agreed to this settlement knowing that the pipeline would be redundant since I believe that industries in Sabah would be able to utilise all the gas landing in Kimanis.
Saya telah bersetuju dengan penyelesaian itu sebab saya tahu gas paip itu tidak akan digunakan kerana saya percaya industri di Sabah akan menggunakan keseluruhan gas di depot Kimanis.
  1. Until today, I understand that no such letter of undertaking was ever issued. To add insult to injury there were statements made by Petronas officials in Sabah lately that Petronas would only export 500mmscfd from Sabah.
Sehingga hari ini, saya telah difahamkan belum ada surat jaminan dikeluarkan. Yang lebih menyakitkan lagi, para pegawai Petronas di Sabah membuat kenyataan akhir-akhir ini bahawa mereka hanya akan mengeksport 500mmscfd dari Sabah.
  1. I understand that the initial volume of gas from the wells for the first few years would not exceed this amount. If this is the case, then there is hardly any feedstock for those industrialists who are proposing investments in Sabah. All the grand plans by the State Government in Sipitang would never get off the ground.
Saya juga difahamkan jumlah gas daripada telaga Petronas pada peringkat permulaan tidak akan melebihi jumlah ini. Sekiranya ini betul, ini bermakna tidak akan ada bekalan untuk usahawan industri berkenaan yang mahu melabur di Sabah. Semua rancangan mega oleh Kerajaan Negeri di Sipitang tidak akan dapat dilaksanakan.
  1. YAB Tan Sri, ladies and gentlemen, I have been subjected to ridicule by those who do not wish the Barisan Nasional well either in the mainstream news media or in cyberspace.
Yang Amat Berhomat Tan Sri, tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, saya telah menjadi sasaran ejekan sama ada di suratkhabar atau internet oleh mereka yang tidak mahu melihat Barisan Nasional berjaya.
  1. I would like members to know that we are not going to run away from this issue. Let me say today that I have not lost hope on this matter. I am determined to pursue this and take fully personal responsibility.
Saya mahu ahli-ahli Upko tahu, bahawa kita tidak akan sekali-kali berganjak daripada isu ini. Saya ingin menegaskan hari ini, bahawa saya belum berputus asa mengenai perkara ini. Saya bertekad untuk terus mengejar, dan akan secara peribadi bertanggungjawab sepenuhnya.
  1. Over the last few years our party conventions and congresses have debated the sticky issue of illegal immigration in Sabah. Delegates were astounded on the population increase which Sabah has experienced.
Beberapa tahun kebelakangan ini, kongres dan konvensyen kita telah membahaskan isu sensitif yakni berkaitan pendatang tanpa izin di Sabah. Para perwakilan terpegun dengan pertambahan penduduk yang berlaku.
44. In 1960 it was said that the total population in Sabah was 454,561 of which 42 percent were Kadazandusuns.
Pada tahun 1960, dinyatakan jumlah keseluruhan penduduk Sabah ialah 454,561 dimana 42 peratus daripadanya adalah suku kaum Kadazandusun.
45. In 1970, Sabah had 653,604 populations while Sarawak’s was 976,269 people. Ten years later in 1980, Sabah population was 1,307,582 people while Sarawak had 1,515,536 people. In 1991, all of a sudden, Sabah with 1,736,902 population overtook Sarawak’s 1,648,217.
Pada tahun 1970, Sabah mempunyai 653,604 penduduk berbanding 976,269 rakyat Malaysia di Sarawak. Sepuluh tahun kemudian pada 1980, penduduk Sabah berjumlah 1,307,582 manakala Sarawak 1,515,536 penduduk. Pada 1991, tiba-tiba Sabah dengan 1,736,902 penduduk telah mengatasi jumlah penduduk Sarawak yang hanya mempunyai 1,648,217 orang.
46. The puzzling trend continued in 2000 when a census put Sabah population at 2,449,389 while Sarawak only 2,012,616. In 2005, we in the Land Below the Wind was said to have 3,313,000 fellow Sabahans where as Sarawak was still at the two million bracket with 2,340,000 people.
Kecenderungan penuh teka-teki ini berterusan pada tahun 2000 bila bancian ketika itu meletakan penduduk Sabah sejumlah 2,449,389 manakala Sarawak 2,012,616. Pada tahun 2005, kita di Negeri di Bawah Bayu dikatakan mempunyai 3,313,000 penduduk manakala Sarawak masih dalam lingkungan dua juta dengan 2,340,000.
47. A simple arithmetic showed that the Sabah population increased about 285 percent in 30 years while Sarawak was only about 108 percent.  In 2005, Sabah has the highest population growth rate in the country at 3.1 percent as compared to the national average of 2.3 percent.
Perkiraan matematik ringkas menunjukan penduduk Sabah bertambah sebanyak 285 peratus dalam 30 tahun manakala di Sarawak pertumbuhan penduduk hanyalah 108 peratus. Pada tahun 2005, Sabah mencatat peratusan pertumbuhan penduduk paling tinggi dalam Negara yakni 3.1 peratus berbanding purata kebangsaan yang hanya berjumlah 2.3 peratus.
48. There were about 168,000 Kadazandusun population in 1960, which is about the same with the other Bumiputeras in Sabah. But in 2000, the Kadazandusun population increased to only about 560,000 while the other Bumiputras had grown to 1.1 million.
Pada tahun 1960, data menunjukan terdapat 168,000 Kadazandusun, yakni hampir sama dengan jumlah Bumiputera lain di Sabah. Tetapi, pada tahun 2000, sukukaum Kadazandusun hanya berjumlah 560,000 manakala Bumiputera lain telah bertambah menjadi 1.1juta.
  1. This is the data available to us, the accuracy of which may need to be verified. The National Registration Department was not able to furnish the Parliamentary Select Committee on Integrity with the data in 2007. And the general perception, even now is, the authorities do not know how many Malaysians are there in Sabah.
Itulah antara data yang kami perolehi, dan ketepatannya perlu diperiksa. Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara tidak dapat memberikan data penduduk kepada Jawatankuasa Pilihan Parlimen mengenai Integriti pada 2007. Dan sehingga saat ini pun, persepsi awam ialah pihak berkuasa tidak tahu berapakah sebenarnya jumlah rakyat Malaysia di Sabah.
  1. A better indicator of the population movement could perhaps be the general elections. In terms of constituencies, in the first Sabah State General Election in 1967, out of 32 seats, USNO won 14, Upko took 12, Perikatan won three, SCA bagged two and Independent took one.
Mungkin indikator yang lebih baik mengenai pertambahan penduduk ialah pilihanraya umum. Dari segi kawasan, dalam PRU Negeri Sabah yang pertama pada 1967, daripada 32 kerusi, Usno menang 14, Upko menang 12, Perikatan mendapat tiga, SCA dua dan Bebas satu kerusi.
  1. The number of seats were increased over the years and but were proportionate with the ethnic composition. Thus the 48 seats in the 80s saw 18 non-Muslim Bumiputera areas, 16 for Muslim Bumiputeras, eight for Chinese and six were mixed areas.
Jumlah kerusi bertambah ditahun-tahun seterusnya tetapi masih bersesuaian dengan komposisi kaum. Justeru 48 kerusi pada tahun 80an, Bumiputra bukan Islam dominan di 18 kerusi, Bumiputera Islam di 16 kawasan, lapan kerusi untuk Cina dan enam lagi kawasan campuran.
  1. However, in the post 1990 redelineation of electoral boundaries, of the 48 seats, a new configuration emerged, with Muslim Bumiputera majority in 27 areas, non-Muslim Bumiputera in only 11 seats, while Chinese reduced marginally to seven and mixed areas three.
Walau bagaimanapun, selepas, persempadanan semula pada tahun 90an, satu konfigurasi baru timbul di 48 kawasan itu, dengan majoriti Bumiputera Islam di 27 kerusi, Bumiputera bukan Islam hanya dalam 11 kawasan, Cina dikurangkan satu menjadi tujuh dan kawasan campuran tiga.
  1. That was why, in the 2008 General Elections for 60 Sabah State seats, Umno contested and won in all 32 seats, PBS (12), LDP (3), MCA (1) PBRS (1), and Upko (6). The then BN component party SAPP won four while one seat went to a DAP.
Justeru, dalam PRU 2008 untuk 60 kerusi Dewan Undangan Negeri, Umno bertanding dan menang di kesemua 32 kawasan, PBS (12), LDP (3), MCA (1), PBRS (1) dan Upko (6). SAPP yakni parti komponen BN ketika itu menang empat dan DAP satu kerusi.
  1. On reflection, may be that is the reason why the then Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohamed made a commitment some years ago that in the true spirit of the Barisan Nasional coalition, Umno will not contest in more than 50 percent of the number of seats in any General Election. Perhaps the Barisan Nasional should take this into account when the the time comes to discuss the seat allocation, especially in respect of the seats formerly held by former component members of the Barisan Nasional.
Bila dilihat kembali, mungkin itulah sebabnya mengapa mantan Perdana Menteri, Yang Amat Berhormat Tun Mahathir Mohamad memberikan komitmen beberapa tahun lalu bahawa sesuai dengan semangat jitu gagasan Barisan Nasional, Umno tidak akan bertanding lebih daripada 50 peratus jumlah kerusi dalam mana-mana Pilihanraya Umum. Mungkin Barisan Nasional boleh mengambil kira perkara ini bila sampai masanya untuk berbincang pengagihan kerusi, terutama sekali kawasan yang dahulunya dimenangi oleh bekas komponen parti BN.
  1. Yang Amat Berhormat Tan Sri, ladies and gentlemen, we have called for a Royal Commission of Inquiry as we feel that such a commission would be the only way for this very controversial issue to addressed and put to rest.
Yang Amat Berhormat Tan Sri, para hadirin sekalian, kita mahu Suruhanjaya Siasatan Diraja ditubuhkan kerana kita yakin  suruhanjaya sedemikian sahajalah yang boleh menangani dan menyelesaikan secara tuntas isu yang penuh kontroversi ini.
  1. There have been so many allegations and innuendoes coming up over the years. Indeed I have heard some of it during the hearings conducted by the ill-fated Parliamentary Select Committee on Integrity which I chaired.
Sudah terlalu banyak dakwaan dan andaian yang tercetus sejak sekian lama. Malah, saya mendengar sebahagian daripadanya semasa pendengaran yang diadakan oleh Jawatankuasa Pilihan Parlimen mengenai Integriti yang saya pengerusikan.
  1. Sometime last year a very high profile case of a purportedly Malaysian citizen surfaced. The man has been crowned the Sultan of Sulu. There was a hue and cry and today the case is no longer in the public domain. Is it true that he was actually never a Malaysian?
Tahun lalu, timbul sebuah kes berprofil tinggi yang melibatkan seorang yang kononnya adalah warganegara Malaysia. Orang itu telah ditabalkan menjadi Sultan Sulu. Ia membangkitkan pelbagai reaksi dan riuh rendah, tetapi kini kes itu tidak lagi menjadi sebutan ramai. Apakah betul dia itu tidak pernah menjadi rakyat Malaysia?
  1. This one case illustrates how serious the problem of illegal immigration is. How can Malaysians feel secure when neighbours can easily walk in, become a citizen almost overnight, and probably a Bumiputera at that, become a member of a political party and rub shoulders with the political elite. It raises the question of sovereignty and national security. We seem to have taken it rather lightly.
Kes ini memperlihatkan betapa seriusnya masalah pendatang asing tanpa izin ini. Bagaimana mungkin rakyat Malaysia boleh merasa selamat bila jiran-jiran boleh dengan begitu senang memasuki Negara ini, dalam sekelip mata sahaja menjadi warganegara, malah mungkin berstatus Bumiputera, menjadi ahli parti politik dan bergaul dengan golongan kenamaan? Ia membangkitkan persoalan ancaman kepada keselamatan dan kedaulatan Negara. Kita seolah-olah telah mengambil sikap sambil lewa mengenai perkara ini.
  1. It has caused so much dissatisfaction in Sabah and the suspicions emanating from the issue has cast serious doubts on the integrity of the system. What actually went wrong? What exactly is the magnitude of the problem? What should the remedies be? I was hoping that the proposed commission would be able to shed some light into these questions.
Perkara ini telah menyebabkan begitu banyak rasa tidak puas hati di Sabah, dan sangkaan yang timbul daripada isu ini mencetuskan keraguan serius terhadap keutuhan sistem pemerintahan negara. Apakah sebenarnya yang berlaku? Berapa besarkah sebenarnya masalah ini? Apakah penyelesaian yang sepatutnya? Saya mengharapkan suruhanjaya yang dicadangkan itu akan mampu memberikan serba sedikit jawaban kepada soalan-soalan tersebut.
  1. In view of all these happenings, I reiterate the calls we made for a Royal Commission of Inquiry. I am convinced of the necessity. Since I have taken this up through all the proper channels, by bringing it up for discussion in Cabinet, Pengurusan BN meetings and meetings of the Dewan Tertinggi, I wish to report to this congress that there has not been any decision by the Cabinet yet and that it has not been rejected.
Berlandaskan semua kejadian itu, saya mengulangi gesaan Upko agar Suruhanjaya Pilihan Diraja ditubuhkan. Saya yakin dengan keperluan ini. Oleh kerana saya sudah mengangkat perkara ini melalui saluran yang betul, dengan membangkitkannya untuk perbincangan dalam Kabinet, mesyuarat Pengurusan BN dan Dewan Tertinggi, saya mohon melaporkan dalam kongres ini bahawa belum ada apa-apa keputusan Kabinet yang dibuat dan cadangan kita ini belum lagi ditolak.
  1. I know that the Minister of Home Affairs has made some pronouncement on this but it is not a cabinet decision. Again on this particular issue, I am accountable to the party, and I take full personal responsibility.
Saya tahu, Menteri Dalam Negeri telah mengeluarkan beberapa kenyataan mengenai perkara ini, namun itu bukanlah keputusan Kabinet. Dalam perkara ini, saya bertanggungjawab kepada parti, dan saya pikul tugasan ini selaku Presiden Upko.
  1.   Ladies and gentlemen, during the previous congresses, we have debated the issue relating to religion and the plight of some of the people caught in religious controversies.
Hadirin sekalian, dalam kongres-kongres sebelum ini, kita telah membahaskan isu berkaitan agama dan masalah orang-orang yang terperangkap dalam kemelut keagamaan.
  1. I know of a family which cannot get a birth certificate for their children because the wife is a Christian while the husband is deemed by the authorities to be a Muslim because of the entry in his identity card.
Saya kenal sebuah keluarga yang belum mendapatkan sijil kelahiran bagi anak mereka kerana si isteri seorang Kristian, manakala dalam pandangan pihak berkuasa, si suami seorang Islam berlandaskan  data dalam kad pengenalan beliau.
  1. The husband contends that he never converted to Islam and was baptised a Christian and married in Church. The National Registration Department does not recognise this marriage and in fact advised the couple that the only way for the children to obtain birth certificate is for the wife to declare that the children were born out of wedlock.
Si suami mengatakan dia tidak pernah memeluk Islam, dan beliau dibaptis menjadi Kristian dan berkahwin di Gereja. Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara tidak mengiktiraf perkahwinan mereka, malah menasihatkan pasangan itu bahawa satu-satunya cara untuk mendapatkan sijil kelahiran anak mereka ialah, si isteri perlu mewartakan bahawa cahaya mata itu adalah anak luar nikah.
  1. This problem did not exist during the colonial era. We opted for independence to form a nation called Malaysia and the expectation must be that independence brings with it the promise of happiness and the gift of freedom. Never in our worst nightmare would we have seen the spectacle of a family having to declare the beloved child of a blessed union an illegitimate son.
Masalah ini tidak pernah wujud dalam era penjajahan. Kita memilih untuk merdeka dan membentuk sebuah Negara yang dipanggil Malaysia, dan pengharapan kita ialah kemerdekaan akan menjanjikan kebahagiaan dan kebebasan. Dalam igauan paling ngeri sekalipun, kita tidak pernah membayangkan sebuah keluarga terpaksa mewartakan anak kesayangan hasil ikatan suci perkahwinan mereka sebagai anak luar nikah.
  1. I call today for us to return to spirit of the formation of this great country. Religion is a personal choice and therefore a matter between Man and his God. Let us allow Malaysians that freedom to profess the religion of their choice. By so doing we would have removed the major obstacle to unity within our multiracial society.
Hari ini saya menghimbau agar kita menghidupi kembali semangat pembentukan Negara kita. Agama adalah pilihan peribadi dan oleh kerana itu ia adalah hal diantara Manusia dan Tuhannya. Mari membiarkan rakyat Malaysia dengan kebebasan untuk menganuti agama yang mereka pilih sendiri. Dengan berbuat demikian, kita akan membuka halangan utama kepada perpaduan jitu dikalangan masyarakat kita yang berbilang kaum.
  1. Yesterday, YAB Perdana Menteri repeated his commitment to the transformation of the nation. He said that we as a political party must not be afraid to be in the frontline to handle change after change and that the Barisan Nasional as a whole must be  seen to be leading national renewal and not the opposition. Nothing can be further from the truth!
Kelmarin, YAB Perdana Menteri mengulangi komitmen beliau terhadap proses transformasi Negara. Beliau berkata, kita sebagai sebuah parti politik haruslah tidak takut berada dibarisan hadapan untuk menangani perubahan demi perubahan, dan bahawa sahnya Barisan Nasional secara keseluruhan mestilah kelihatan mempelopori perubahan nasional. Sebenarnya, transformasi Negara bukanlah agenda milik pembangkang!
  1. In fact a lot of the issues that the opposition have picked up have come from the lips of leaders and members of component parties of the Barisan Nasional. As always opposition parties have somehow managed to repack them to make it look as if the product had always been theirs!
Sesungguhnya banyak isu-isu yang kononnya diperjuangkan oleh pembangkang bermula daripada inisiatif ahli dan pemimpin komponen parti Barisan Nasional. Kebiasaannya, parti pembangkang mengubahsuai sesuatu dan berbuat seolah-olah isu itu milik mereka!
  1. I see also leadership in another context. It is perfectly legitimate for an enlightened government to engage with the opposition in addressing issues of urgent national importance or concern.
Saya juga melihat kepimpinan dalam konteks yang lain. Adalah sesuatu yang wajar bagi sesebuah kerajaan untuk berinteraksi dengan pembangkang dalam usaha menyelesaikan isu-isu Negara yang penting dan mendesak.
  1. The Conservative-Liberal Coalition in the United Kingdom and the opposition Labour Party together in unison addressed the recent spate of rioting in the Kingdom and I think they succeeded in showing that unbridled partisanship is not always the way forward in politics.
Gabungan Conservative-Liberal di United Kingdom dan parti pembangkang Labour Party berganding bahu menangani beberapa siri rusuhan di Negara itu baru-baru ini, dan saya fikir mereka berjaya memperlihatkan bahawa perjuangan politik yang hanya berfokus kepada agenda masing-masing tidak seharusnya selalu betul.
  1. Sometimes success can be limited as shown in The United States where President Barack Obama has not fully secured the backing of the Republicans for his policies. But the move to engage and consult was there.
Kadang kala kejayaan agak terbatas sebagaimana yang terjadi di Amerika Syarikat dimana Presiden Barack Obama belum mendapat sokongan sepenuhnya daripada pihak Republicans untuk beberapa polisinya. Tetapi usaha untuk bersemuka dan berbincang, wujud.
  1. There must be times that you must agree to disagree but politics should not be a Zero Sum game. I know that in Malaysia we still have some distance to cover on the road to full political maturity but this is the Blue Ocean that the Government must take advantage of and take the moral high ground.
Masanya akan tiba bila anda mesti bersetuju untuk tidak bersetuju, tetapi politik bukanlah permainan kalah mati. Saya tahu di Malaysia perjalanan kita masih jauh menuju era politik yang matang, tetapi inilah Lautan Biru, kesempatan yang Kerajaan perlu ambil agar ia boleh berdiri ditahap yang lebih tinggi.
  1. Let us invite the Opposition for instance to take part in the formulation of post ISA  consequential legislation. We can set up a Parliamentary Select Committee, with Opposition members on board, on these new proposed legislations to counter terrorism. Heed Tun Mahathir's advice in the case of Mat Sabu's  recent charges in court.
Mungkin kita boleh menjemput pembangkang untuk turut serta dalam pembentukan undang-undang susulan kepada ISA yang dimansuhkan itu. Kita boleh menubuhkan Jawatankuasa Pilihan Parlimen, bersama wakil pembangkang, untuk menggubal undang-undang anti-pengganas. Dengar-dengarkanlah nasihat Tun Mahathir dalam kes dakwaan Mat Sabu di mahkamah baru-baru ini.
  1. At the end of the day we must remember that the new Malaysia is here to stay and we can only ignore that fact to our detriment.
Apa yang penting, kita mesti ingat bahawa Malaysia yang baru akan kekal wujud dan seandainya kita tidak mengendahkan perkara ini, kita sendiri yang akan rugi.
  1. YAB, that is why I have been reminding Upko members over the years that we are here in politics in order to contribute to the governance and development of this country. That is why we have allowed our members to tackle all the difficult issues even at the risk of being branded 'opposition'.
Yang Amat Berhormat Tan Sri, itulah sebabnya selama ini saya sering mengingatkan ahli-ahli Upko, bahawa kita berada dalam politik untuk memberikan sumbangan kepada pentadbiran dan pembangunan Negara. Itulah sebabnya kami mengizinkan ahli-ahli kami menangani isu-isu rumit walaupun berhadapan risiko dilabel sebagai ‘pembangkang’.
  1.  It is on the floor of this congress and the meetings at the divisional and branch level that each and every member can contribute to the formulation of good policies for the country. Even if you are not a wakil rakyat, you can be heard and I therefore expect delegates to contribute their piece and say their best at this congress.
Kongres inilah, dan mesyuarat di peringkat cawangan serta bahagian yang menjadi forum bagi setiap ahli untuk memberikan sumbangan kepada penggubalan dasar-dasar terbaik bagi Negara. Walaupun anda bukan Wakil Rakyat, anda didengar. Justeru, saya mengharapkan para perwakilan menyumbangkan pandangan yang paling unggul dalam kongres ini.
  1. Our members of Parliament and State assemblymen are ready to take up all worthy issues. Our representatives in both the Federal and State governments are there for you. We are ready to confront even the most difficult of issues.
Wakil Upko dalam Dewan Rakyat dan Dewan Undangan Negeri   senantiasa bersiap sedia mengangkat isu-isu yang wajar. Wakil-wakil kita di Kerajaan Persekutuan dan Negeri pun selalu siap berbakti. Kami bersedia memperjuangkan isu yang paling rumit sekalipun.
  1. That is why today, I gave the commitment to pursue all the outstanding issues which I mentioned today. As President of this party I feel it is incumbent upon me to take full responsibility when the voices of the people and the party members are not heard. That is the measure of my commitment to our cause.
Itulah sebabnya, hari ini, saya memberi jaminan akan mencari  penyelesaian kepada semua isu-isu ini sehabis-habisnya. Sebagai Presiden parti, saya sedar andai usaha kita gagal, sayalah yang bertanggungjawab. Inilah perjuangan saya.
Selamat Berjuang! Terima kasih! Kounsikou